I currently offer two email lists, one for people who would like to stay in touch daily and get comments on Torah and Gospel. The other is more occasional (theoretically once a week, but I miss some) and is about more personal news about my writings and projects and speaking appearances.

DAILY D’VAR. Daily work your way through the Torah and Gospels each year (following the traditional Torah cycle of readings). Each email has the daily scripture texts from Torah and the Gospels, my comments on them, and often a personal note at the beginning and/or a link to a current blog post or article. SIGN UP HERE.

MESSIANIC JEWISH MUSINGS WEEKLY. My periodic (supposedly weekly) stay in touch email. It might include some links to recent writings. I might tell you about an upcoming project, such as the work I am doing in the Czech Republic. I might talk about one of my upcoming books, ask you to invite me to speak in your city, or ask you for funds for travel to a conference or for a project. I usually ask for micro-donations ($5 or $10) so you won’t empty you bank account if you get my emails. SIGN UP HERE.