jonathan sacks haggada for passover

J-BOM March: Jonathan Sacks Haggada

jonathan sacks haggada for passover

It’s Jewish book of the month time (we call it J-BOM)! For those of you who have been enjoying the February selection, Chaim Potok’s The Chosen, thank you for participating. The March J-BOM is the Jonathan Sacks Haggada by Koren publishing. Get it from Koren here or from amazon here.

My choice for March is meant to be practical, to help you be prepared for something you’re probably participating in our hosting already: Passover (which comes in early April).

If you’re not already familiar with Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, wikipedia him. Be prepared to have another author to add to your favorites list.

The book has two parts. On the normal side where a book written in English begins, there is a long section with essays about the them of Passover, freedom, Torah, Israel as the nation God chose to reveal freedom to the world. On the back side of the book, opening where books in Hebrew usually begin, there is the full text of the Passover Haggadah (the order of service, liturgy, and stories of Passover) with Rabbi Sacks’s full commentary.

For the March J-BOM we will focus on the essays. I will, however, also run some “Get Ready for Passover” blog posts in March and I hope to share some of Rabbi Sack’s most compelling comments on the text of the Haggadah as well.

By the way, if you’re clueless about Jewish traditions at Passover, get this book. If you’ve never celebrated Passover, you will love what Rabbi Sacks has to say. It’s not just a book for people in the know.

If you’re an expert on Passover, you’ll find this to be a mature commentary that adds insight.

I can’t wait! Back soon in March with more.


  1. Just received from Amazon and have begun reading. Looking forward to new insight into The Story of Stories!

    Great choice as was The Chosen. It is still in my thoughts.

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