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A Survey for You: Rereading Paul?

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Shalom, readers,

I am thinking about starting a blog series which will probably be a long one — a lot of posts, but the posts themselves will be short. It would probably run for several months and may accumulate thirty or forty posts (maybe more).

The series would be “Rereading Paul.” My focus would be on persuading readers to abandon the “justification theory” reading of Paul and read him instead as an apocalyptic, messianic, Jewish thinker.

I would be presenting highlights from the arguments of Douglas Campbell (The Deliverance of God) and making the clearest, most effective, and most applicable points from his massive and difficult book.

How much interest is there out there?


  1. Will you include, contrast, challenge or dialogue with other writers on the “new perspective on Paul”? Whatever we can learn to move away from the justification only and law vs grace ideas would be most helpful.

    1. Bill,

      I don’t see providing summaries of the Old Perspective and the New Perspective as part of my task here. Those views have plenty of voices already.

  2. I’d prefer that the discussion on Universalism vs Eternal Conscious Torment vs Conditional Immortality continue. However your gleanings from Campbell’s book on Paul would be enjoyed as well.

  3. For it too, all the way in East Africa…there is no way the book by Campbell will ever be available here in our bookshops – most of which rely on reselling second hand stuff.

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