Qumran, Home of the Scrolls, Israel Tour December 2017

qumranWhen you think about walking around in the Judean desert, on a typical tour, its June or July and the temperature in the shade is 110 Fahrenheit. Your guide will tell you, “Keep sipping water constantly; the dry heat dehydrates you.”

Sigh. It’s so nice to contemplate going on an Israel Tour in December instead of June. One of the places you’ll be grateful for a December trip is Qumran, the home of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Speaking of Qumran, just a few weeks ago researchers found new scroll fragments there, in the Cave of the Skulls.

Here is the story on Todd Bolen’s “Bible Places” blog: http://blog.bibleplaces.com/2016/12/new-dead-sea-scroll-fragments.html

cave of the skulls in the judean desert

The Cave of the Skulls in the Judean Desert

Come with me to Israel (and Qumran) December 17-28, 2017. Right now I am simply gathering an email list of people who are 90% sure they will go. Email me at Derek @ TheHebrewNerd dot com. Plan on spending about $1,300 a person in the airfare and about $3,000 a person on the tour accommodations (hotel, breakfast and dinner daily, guide, driver, bus, entrance fees to the parks, and more).

We’ll walk around Qumran, not only a beautiful landscape, but also a place of history and significance for lovers of the Hebrew Bible. I’ll orient you there on the text types that stand behind our modern Bibles and how the finds at Qumran advanced our knowledge of the history behind that text.

I hope to hear from you soon. In February I’ll start taking deposits for the trip.

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