Jewish Year 5777

Torah Year 5777, An Exciting Announcement

Jewish Year 5777The year 5777 has arrived! If you haven’t already, this is a good time to be amazed by the number and its significance. On October 23, the daily readings for the new Torah year will begin. And in keeping with the newness and excitement a new year brings, my daily email with commentary on the Torah and the Gospels is getting a new format. I call it “The Daily Portion” and I send out scriptures and comments every morning to a lot of people.

It’s about to get even better. This is a sample, using today’s readings from Deuteronomy and Acts. Oh, and to subscribe by email:

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Today’s Thought:
We have ruined the the beauty and promise of Torah, which is abundant life and a world free from the usual causes of death. In spite of this, Moses’ song, Ha’azinu, will go on to speak of God’s redemptive love and its triumph over our betrayal. Whenever the Bible seems depressing, I try and remember, the sadness is never the last word.

Today’s Hebrew:
לֶקַח (le-kakh) “a teaching.” This unusual word for a passage of teaching is derived from לקח (to take, acquire). It means something like “the lesson we take from these circumstances.” In Deut 32:2, Moses calls this poem “my le-kakh” (“my lesson for you derived from the circumstances of failure and exile”).

Today’s Greek:
εξαιρεω (ex-air-e-o) “take out, rescue.” In Acts 23:27, Paul was “taken out” from the dangerous situation. The same word is used in the saying of Yeshua that is it better to “take out” one’s eye than to have the whole body thrown into hell. And it is used of God who “takes us out” (“rescues”) us from this present evil age (Gal 1:4).

Today’s Torah Portion and Commentary: Deuteronomy 32:1-6.
Scripture text.
Commentary text.

Today’s Gospel and Commentary: Acts 23:12-35.
Scripture text.
Commentary text.

Personal Note:
Shalom, fine readers, today I am previewing the new Daily Portion format for Torah Year 5777. I hope you will share this with friends who value the discipline of daily engagement with scripture, a Messianic Jewish perspective on the Bible, and word study in the original languages. The goal of the new format is to present a little inspiration and information in a concise format. On busy days you can read a little and on happier days you can read a lot.

Derek Leman

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