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SpockLLAPIf you look for me in coming months, you’ll find me on my new blog focusing on both Hebrew learning and English-based instruction in Hebrew concepts and words. I spend most of my time now either teaching online students to study words like tikvah and hesed in the Hebrew Bible, translating Ruth or Psalms, or learning my new job as a Creative Director for a small IT firm.

Whether you’d like to learn to read along in the Jewish prayer book, sing Hebrew songs, study Hebrew words without having to learn Hebrew, getting better at Hebrew grammar, learn the Hebrew alefbet, or find translation notes to help you with a passage, I’m doing that sort of thing at

Oh, and I have a need for more students. If learning Hebrew is more than your life schedule can handle right now, try some English-based Hebrew learning. If you want to explore strange new worlds and seek out new vocabulary and new Hebrew Bible verses where few have gone before, geek yourself over to me at to get started and email me at TheHebrewNerd at gmail dot com to setup a weekly online video session ($20 per week).


  1. Dear Mr. Leman
    I just got your Hebrew notification. I like the star treck picture you posted. It is really neat really neat how you got it to look.
    Sincerely Janice.

  2. Would like to discuss having English word studies of key Hebrews terms or phrases for a class of 10-20. We could do it possible via computer- skype or ooVoo or any alternative you may suggest.
    My cell is 352-301-1445

  3. shalom, Derek. I read your commentary of 01 January, 2016. Welcome back! I do prefer your insights to the rather (blush) bland thoughts of the professors you had quoted. I particularly appreciate you willingness to speculate, with evidence as support, as to the rationale for certain passages. Thank you.
    Michael Wodlinger

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