Hebrew Concepts: Hesed

RuthHesed. Lovingkindness. An active quality of love practiced with devotion and demonstrated by deeds of kindness rather than mere words.

Ruth 1:8, But Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Turn back, each of you to the house of her mother. May Adonai make hesed with you as you made with the dead [husbands] and with me.”

R. Zeira said: This scroll [of Ruth] tells us nothing either of cleanliness or of uncleanliness, either of prohibition or permission. For what purpose then was it written? To teach us how great is the reward of those who do deeds of kindness [hesed]. (from Ruth Rabbah).

A new course of online study: I have been teaching Hebrew students for years online. I find that many people are intimidated by the thought of completely learning a new language. So I am offering a course of study in Hebrew Concepts. We will talk about Hebrew words and their meaning. I will help students find key verses using Hebrew words and learn some Hebrew without having to fully learn, well, you know, Hebrew. This may motivate some to jump in the deep end and actually undertake full Hebrew study. For others it may be a chance to gain some benefits of Hebrew study with less effort at memorization.

Ahavah. Emunah. Chen. Tikvah. Chokmah. Da’at. Binah. There are so many words to learn and verses to look up.

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A review from a current student: Studying Hebrew as the original language of the scriptures is a wonderful experience, providing an added depth and sometimes an added challenge, to the English translations that I have known since I was a child. Having a knowledgable instructor is an absolute must for all the questions I need answered, as well as general accountability and motivation. Derek Leman is an engaging teacher, well versed in the language, personable and affable, adding to the literal translation process with insightful and historical commentary and midrash. He helps make the process of learning a new language unintimidating, straightforward, and enjoyable — and he does so in a very affordable way.
—Linna from Troy, AL

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