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FallLeavesIf you ever find yourself on a new path in life, I am guessing you’ll find, as I have, a few things that are true. Some things are lost and others gained. Some we pray about, that they will come back to us. Others we let go of and move on. The scenery changes. But God is still there.

I’m doing different things now, working in the IT industry. It is important for me at this time to avoid some roles I took on in the past: shepherding people, sermonizing, theologizing. But some areas of knowledge I gained during my years as a rabbi are still appropriate for me to share with others. In particular, teaching Biblical Hebrew is something I love to do and I’ve had a lot of students over the years. I used to send out my commentary on daily readings of Torah and Gospel and while I am avoiding making commentary now, I do still want to promote via email list reading the Torah and Gospels.

As far as Biblical Hebrew goes, I am making a site that helps people learn. Check it out if you have a few minutes at TheHebrewNerd.com

If you want to study with me (I have room now for more students) email me at TheHebrewNerd at gmail. I teach students online via Skype or Google Chat and usually we meet once a week for half an hour. I charge $20 per week, asking for payment for one month at a time starting with the day of our first class ($80). There is a textbook that costs $37.95 that we work through together. After about six months we translate the book of Ruth together. Some people keep going after that and we work on translating other passages they are interested in.

As far as reading the Torah and Gospels, I am sending out daily emails, starting October 4, that I will simply call “The Daily Portions.” It will have the daily scriptures from the traditional Torah readings and portions from the Gospels along with some simple outlines of the passages. I may decide to include quotations from other commentators. I’ll be leaving out my comments this year. Sign up here for the “Daily Portions” email list.

I’ll be posting both here and on TheHebrewNerd.com about Hebrew words, phrases, translation, reading aloud, melodies, and more. The “Torah Verse of the Week” will be a feature starting the week of October 4. And I’ll read the weekly Torah verse in an audio file on TheHebrewNerd.com for people wanting to practice reading. The “Gospel Verse of the Week” will be my simple way of promoting the words of Yeshua and/or words about him by those who wrote the Gospels. “Hebrew Word Power” will feature a word from the Torah portion each week and explain its definition and some important uses in various places. I’ll do some advanced posts for more serious Hebrew geeks such as “Torah Poetry” and “Tehillim in Translation” and “Isaiah in Ivrit.”

That’s what I am doing now. I do not know what the future holds. That is, I don’t know what it holds except that I am confident that God’s love shown to us most clearly in Messiah Yeshua will always be there. Some things never change though people fail. Fall brings change and winter is a season of hoping and waiting.


  1. Great to hear from you Derek. I will consider joining you in study as the year progresses. I need to be sure I can commit to it in terms of time and practice.

  2. Rabbi,
    The new Hebrew learning website is great!
    Do I need to sign up again for Daily Portions if I was in the Daily D’var distribution list?

  3. Yeshua will bring you through all this! Call upon Him during the Yamim Noraim, and L’Shanah Tova’ah Tikateivu b’Shem Yeshua ha-Mashiach, my rabbi (still) and friend! Love you, brother! “Where no man has gone before . . .”

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