Riding Yeshua Waves on the Sea of Galilee

MeGalileeBoatcI am in Israel right now, leading a small tour group. This is a highly educated little group, more Jewishly informed than most groups I have brought here in the past. They are keeping me on my toes as we discuss the early believers and the earliest Messianic Judaism while touring.

Obviously my blog output will slow to near zero while I am here. So far the quality of internet connections in hotels and the ability to find time to post things have both been less than adequate.

Here are a few quick things I would like to share:

Because I was not able to do my usual “promoting” of my blog while getting to Israel, my post from Monday, “Torah and Messiah Part 5,” got less reads than I would have liked. Ironically, I think it is a more important post than anything I have written of late. I wonder who and where people are even trying to address the question I brought up in it. How is Yeshua in the Torah? No, I mean really. Please take a look at it here.

I have an agreement (contract not finalized yet) with Messianic Jewish Publishers for my discipleship book. I have been trying out some of the ideas on my congregants in Atlanta and now with tour attendees in Israel. It is about how the first believers came to realize the significance of Yeshua and the meaning of it all and how that should shape the lives of Yeshua-followers today. I actually think new believers in Yeshua and even longtime believers looking for a more meaningful life of faith should approach their understanding of him through the early believers and the witness they left behind. I think that unfortunately the original message got lost in some of the confusing diversions religious communities took from the apostolic age and its way of presenting Messiah. Obviously I will keep MJ Musings readers informed about the status of the book. It is a good idea to be on the MJ Musings email list which you can sign up for here.

I will be heading to London and then to the Czech Republic in August for work with Messianic Jews, some Christians, and other groups there. I will say more on the blog about that soon, but the MJ Musings email list members (see above) will get the best information about what it going on there.

Finally, I will be bringing a much larger group to Israel in January 2017, for an “Early Believers Study Tour.” I am collecting names of seriously interested people right not. It will be January 8-20 (ten full touring days in the land) and the cost will be somewhere between $4,000 and $5,000 including airfare (you can get to Israel from anywhere in the world and we will not have a group flight). Please email me at AncientBible at gmail if you want to be in the list for more information about the tour. I hope to have the group signed up and ready six months before the tour, so I am promoting it early and plan to cut off invitations when we get fifty people.

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