Personal Note: Seeing My Daughter Married Tonight

This is our song. It will be or father-daughter dance tonight. Yes, I know it’s unusual to have a wedding just before Shabbat starts, but she wanted the Friday night meal to be her reception dinner. And we’ll have more guests for Shabbat tonight than we’ve ever had before!

So, I’m just marking this special event in our lives here on my blog with a video of a song. Rachel picked it and I hope I hold it together as I dance with her on it tonight. She is our third oldest but first to get married (we have eight children, and Linda and I will soon celebrate our twenty-fifth anniversary). And we are ecstatic to have Aaron as a son-in-law (after the ceremony tonight, of course). And the Cook family, they’ve been close friends for a long time, so we couldn’t be happier at the joining of families.

If you love a good song, I hope you’ll take a minute and listen:


  1. Rabbi Leman
    I am so happy for you and your family to have this celebration. and I wish you and your wife a happy Anniversary. May god bless
    you with many more years.

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