Modern Hebrew, Online, One-on-One Tutoring via Skype

ulpanI’ve been teaching students Biblical Hebrew online for about two years now. But some people want Modern Hebrew and I don’t teach that. I’m thrilled to announce that a friend and member of our congregation is now starting to take online students.

My wife and I began working with our friend as a tutor in Modern Hebrew three months ago and we love it.

The online sessions, just as is the case when people take Biblical Hebrew with me, are $20 and last half an hour. There is a textbook which you must get on amazon for less than $30. The sessions are private, just you and the teacher, and you schedule them for a time that works for you. I’ve been doing this for two years with a lot of students (sometimes I have as many as fourteen students each week). It really works.

If you are interested, email me at ancientbible at gmail.

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